Wednesday, July 20, 2011


IT'S NEVER TOO EARLY to bring in the kiddos' back-to-school items! Party Cat offers embroidery to make your students belongings one of a kind!

For K-12 students we recommend personalizing backpacks, lunch bags, and jackets. It's a great way to keep track of items that tend to get lost throughout the school year.

For those leaving for college the possibilities are endless! Popular items to personalize include towels, pillow cases, blankets, backpacks, clothing, and more!

Many times customers ask us what items they can personalize...our answer - just about EVERYTHING! You can bring in your own merchandise or we can personalize anything we have in our store.

We also offer Next Day Rush for items you need right away! We recommend placing your embroidery order early due to the upcoming back-to-school rush.

Visit our website to see what we can personalize for you: